Socially-humanitarian faculty

Dean of the Faculty

Zamzagul  Shakhaman

Zamzagul Shakhaman

Candidate of Historical Sciences


Deputy Dean

Абенов Данияр Едельханович

Abenov Daniar

Master of pedagogical sciences



Ordasheva Miramgul

Ordasheva Miramgul

Master of pedagogics and psychology


The faculty of the History and Arts begins since 2006. It has been formed by the decision of the Academic Council of the Kostanay State Pedagogic Institute, August 30, 2006 by the unity of two faculties - the Historical faculty(founded in 1949) and Faculty of Arts (founded in 1994), since 2017 the Head Zamzagul Shakhaman.

The faculty conducts preparation on the following specialties:

  • 5В011400 «History»
  • 5В011500 «Basics of Law and Economy»
  • 5В010700 «Fine Arts аnd Drawing»
  • 5В010600 «Musical Education»

The students' chorus -is the winner of the 1st Republican competition acts on faculty; the young students - the artists have been awarded at the International competition "Shabyt"; the intellectual team of students - historians has taken the second place in the V Republican students' Olympic Games of the History (Taraz).

Educational and methodical work

At the faculty there three doctors of Science, twenty candidates of Science, fifteen masters teach. The level of the faculty is supported them by the participation in scientific research, conferences that allows to introduce new technologies and techniques of teaching disciplines in the training program.

The main objective of educational and methodical work of Social and Humanitarian faculty is the creation of the conditions promoting increase in efficiency and quality of educational process. Methodical work at the faculty represents a complex of the actions directed on:

  • ensuring educational process with educational and methodical documentation,
  • increase in pedagogical skill of teachers, improvement of classroom and independent work of students.

Methodical work at the faculty will be organized and carried out according to plans of work of Council of the faculty and Methodical bureau, plans of departments and planned for academic year. In these documents the purposes and tasks of methodical work for academic year and also the main actions, terms of their performance and executives are defined.

At faculty there are four personalized audiences devoted to people, which have made a huge contribution to development of domestic historical science: to the academician M.K. Kozybayev, scientist-educator Galikhan Zhanturin, academician Zulkharnay Ualdamzhar, Doctor of Historical sciences Vasily Makotchenko.

Along with classical form of education in educational process new educational technologies are used. Annually teachers and students of specialty "History" conduct an archaeological expedition get acquainted with documents in archives and the museum of area. Introduction in educational process of modern technologies, active forms and methods of training and also use of creative technologies and video lectures on history and art allows to cognitive activity of the students participating in the historical Olympic Games, intellectual games, a debates.

Research work

Research work of the faculty is conducted in the following directions:

  • Participation of teachers in competitions of scientific projects on grant financing of MES RK,
  • Participation of teachers in scientific, scientific and methodical and scientific and practical regional, republican and international conferences,
  • Development and the edition of scientific monographs according to the plan of KSPI,
  • Involvement of students to research work within subjects researches of department with the subsequent publication of articles in "KSPI Bulletin", G-global, media.
  • Management of students’ scientific projects and participation in regional, republican competitions,
  • holding a students’ total scientific conference and the Olympic Games on History in KSPI, training of students for participation in the republican Olympic Games on History,
  • Preparation and the publication of articles in foreign editions with a high impact-factor.



Educational work

Educational work at the faculty of History and Arts is carried out according to the plan of educational work of KSPI, the plan of the educational work of faculty approved at the first meeting of Council of faculty and also plans of curators of groups. Students of faculty take active part in the events held on the basis of KSPI and also in city, regional and republican scales.

September 1 - Day of Knowledge

The main goal of an educational activity at faculty is a formation, development and formation of the identity of the student – the future expert combining high education, profound professional knowledge, skills, an active civic stand, a broad outlook, humanity, love and respect for history and traditions of the Homeland, desire to participate in preservation and development of the best traditions of domestic culture, the national cultures of the people of Kazakhstan.

 Upbringing work is conducted in the following areas:
  1. Socio-political (the formation of citizenship and patriotism);
  2. Legal education (knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of the student, prevention offenses and youth crime);
  3. Promotion and implementation of healthy lifestyles;
  4. Spiritual and moral education;
  5. The formation of student groups;
  6. Labour education;
  7. Aesthetic education.


Students of the Faculty of History and Art are actively involved in activities aimed at the physical development.


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