Department of physical and mathematical disciplines

The Head of Department

Telegina Oksana

Telegina Oksana

Senior teacher


The Department is the oldest, it has existed since 1939, since the Foundation of the Kustanai two-year teachers ' Institute.

The teaching staff of the Department has always been one of the most intellectual. For example, by the 60th anniversary of the University at the Department of 11 teachers were 6 professors, 8 associate professors, 8 candidates of physical and mathematical Sciences, 2 corresponding members of the International Academy of Informatization (Pryakhin G. N., Dzhamanbalin K. K.).

Specialties of the department:

  • 5В010900 - Mathematics
  • 5В011000 - Physics

Groups of educational programs:

  1. B009 in the Preparation of teachers of mathematics

Educational program:

  • 6B01501 Mathematics
  • 6B01507 Mathematics-Physics
  • 6B01508 Mathematics-computer Science
  1. B010 Training of teachers of physics

Educational program:

  • 6B01502 Physics
  • 6B01509 Physics-Informatics

The Department of physics has laboratories: mechanics and molecular physics; optics, electricity and magnetism; atomic physics and Radioelectronics; methods of teaching physics and technology of school experiment; computer methods of physics.

The Department of mathematics has a mathematics room equipped with an interactive whiteboard and mobile PC.

Since September 2015, the Department has been teaching some disciplines in English: "Elementary Physics" (Kazakh and Russian languages of instruction), "Physic" (multilingual groups).

Since 2017, the specialty "Physics" opened multilingual groups on the basis of the Kazakh and Russian departments.Subjects in English are taught by associate Professor A. G. Kasymova-basic education with in-depth study of the English language at the Kazakh State University. S. M. Kirov, and internship in the UK, New-Castle.

Since 2016, multilingualism has been introduced in the specialty "Mathematics", where students are taught in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. Disciplines in English are taught by the teacher Alimbayev A. A., who passed an internship at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA.

Since 2019, students are trained in two groups of educational programs, five educational programs, which include educational programs with double specialization.

Our students are actively engaged in social activities.

Graduates of the Department are in demand at all times and work not only as teachers of schools, colleges, universities, but also in many industries in the country and abroad.

Among the 11 winners inscribed in the "Golden book of youth" of Kostanay region in 2017, two of our graduates: Amirzhan Jumabekov, Deputy Director for work with gifted children of GU «School-gymnasium No. 3 of the Department of education of the akimat of Kostanay», Bakir Margulan Abdullauly, Director of the public Fund «Zhastar» (League of KVN in the state language «Zhaydarman»).


The Department cooperates with The Russian GPU A. I. Herzen (joint publications, participation in conferences), with Saratov state technical University. Yuri Gagarin (senior lecturer Telegina O. S.) and others.

The main direction of scientific activity: research of electrophysical and electrochemical properties of materials on the basis of potassium polytitanate; development of methodological support for the training of future teachers in the STEAM-education; nonassociative algebras over Euclidean rings, automorphisms of nonassociative rings; mosaic models; combinatorial theory of Lie algebra; semisimple Lie algebras; methods of solving Olympiad problems; the problem of profiling in school; improvement of professional training of future teachers of mathematics, physics.

Our victory

Students of specialties 5B010900 – «Mathematics» and 5B011000 – «Physics» are winners of Republican subject Olympiads in mathematics and physics among students, as well as various competitions and innovative projects.

 Кафедра ФиОТД-

Teachers of the Department constantly improve their skills both in the Republican center and abroad (Great Britain - Kassymova A. G., Germany - Demisenov B. N., etc.).

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  • Tel./fax: +7 (7142) 51-11-57

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