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Baubekova Gauhar

Master of pedagogical education


Department of Natural Sciences fully provides training for bachelors in the specialties 5B011200 - "Chemistry", 5B011300 - "Biology", 5B011600 - "Geography".

The staff of the Department is a combination of experienced lecturers, including Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidates of Chemical, Biological and Pedagogical Sciences, and Young Masters.

Section of Biology and Geography of the Natural Sciences Department

History of the Biology and Geography section of the Natural Sciences Department

The section of Biology and Geography has a long history, in which there are 4 main stages:

30-50th years of XX century. In 1939 the newly formed department was called the Department of Natural Science and Geography. Her first supervisor was Grander M. B. In the 1940-41 academic year, the department was headed by StashevskyFK,while in the post-war period - Kan M.M. In 1958, the department is already called the Department of Biology. After, was headed by candidate of agricultural Sciences, associate Professor Artiushenko O.G.

60-70s of the XX century. The period of appearance of two department with the biological profil:1968- Department of Zoology and Physiology of Man and Animals, head of Ph.D., Associate Professor Ershov V.P and the Department of Botany, under the leadership of Ph.D. Pugacheva P.G. Since 1975. In the period from 1972 to 1977, The Department was headed by the candidate of technical sciences Masyukova M.A.

80-90s of the XX century. In the early 80s, Shevchenko L.Y. headed the Department of zoology and physiology of man and animals, while N. Ivanova headed the Department of botany . In the same period, the Department of the Fundamentals of Agriculture is being created, headed by Candidate of Sciences (Chemistry) Gabdullin R.G., In 1989, the Department merges with the Department of Botany, and Lalayan became the head of the unified department N.T., Ph.D., Associate Professor. In the early 90's the Department of zoology was headed by Gaidenko N.P., associate professor, candidate of biological sciences, while in the middle (1995-1999) of the decade Valyaeva E.A. headed the department. In 1992,as there was the transformation of the Kostanay Pedagogical Institute into the Kostanay State University, the Department of Botany was divided into two: - the Botany Department , the head was Lalayan N.T., - and the Department of Ecology, Plant Physiology and Microbiology ,which was headed by Pugachev P.G. In the fall of 1999, because of the ministry's decree, all three Departments of biological profile were merged into one Department of biology, which was headed by Lalayan N.T..

The modern stage.

In 2001, the Head of the Department of Biology was Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Konysbaeva D.T. In February 2004,due to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, pedagogical specialties were singled out and KGPI was formed from Kostanay State University named A.Baytursynov.

In the same year, a new specialty "Geography" was introduced, and in 2008, Department of Biology was renamed into the Department of Biology and Geography.Nowadays the head of the Department is Konysbaeva D.T. In the period of her leadership the Department began to prepare masters of biology and geography, and already in 2006 new specialists started their pedagogical activity as a part of the teaching staff of the Department. In 2011 and 2012 Specialty "Biology" was on the second place in the ranking of specialties of pedagogical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in 2013 in the third place.

In April 2012. By Order of the Rector of KSPI- Baymyrzayev K.M., head of the Department Konysbaeva D.T. was appointed dean of the Natural and Mathematical Faculty.

In September 2012, for the first time in the Department of biology and geography, a polyglot group of students of the specialty "Biology" appeared, whose training is conducted in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. The Department has a program of academic mobility of the students and the teachers. As a result of the EEEA(External Evaluation of Educational Achievements) specialty "Geography" won first place among the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In September 2014, the Department of Natural Sciences opened polyglot groups on the specialties "Geography" and "Chemistry".In September 2014, the Department of Natural Sciences opened polyglot groups on the specialties "Geography" and "Chemistry".


Main classrooms and laboratories:

  • Auditorium of human physiology and anatomy (701)
  • Auditorium of zoology of vertebrates (705)
  • Auditorium of Genetics (707)
  • Auditorium of plant anatomy and morphology (710)
  • Auditorium of the methods of teaching geography and cartography with the basics of topography (714)
  • Auditorium of microbiology and virology (716)
  • Auditorium of the methods of teaching biology (718)
  • The Auditorium of plant physiology (720)
  • The Auditorium of botany and cytology (724)
  • Auditorium of zoology of invertebrate animals (725)
  • Auditorium of Physical Geography (811)
  • Auditorium of Geology and General Geography (Mineralogical Museum) (814)
  • Collection of plants
  • Research Center for the Study of Biodiversity, Herbarium Fund (702-704)
  • Research Center for Ecology and Biology

Directions of scientific activity: investigation of the biodiversity of flora and fauna of Northern Kazakhstan and Kostanay region of its current status, and its rational use and protection;theoretical bases of restoration of phytocoenoses of technogenic landscapes of Kostanayregio;economic and geographical assessment of natural resources; modern relief-forming processes in the territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Material and scientific basis

sosnov bor base

The department has a stationary station for field practices in SosnovyBor; Stationary center for joint research work with foreign partners (GEF, World Wildlife Fund, ASBK), as well as for the work of undergraduates, post-graduate students of the department and bachelors in the Naurzum Reserve.

The Scientific Research Center for Problems of Ecology and Biology is successfully operating at the Department under the supervision of the Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Bragina, T.M.

There was conducted the following events: The regional scientific and practical conference "Kazakhstan in the conditions of industrial and innovative development" dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan (16.11.2011); Student’s scientific - practical conference "Satpayev Readings (20.04.2011); Videoconference with the Ural State Economic University on the theme "The mechanism of nature management in adjacent territories" (7.11.2011)

The department in the areas of its scientific activity, for the generalization of the results of scientific research and methods of their application in the educational process, conduct scientific conferences, forums, round tables, meetings. For example, it became a tradition to hold the International Conference "Biological Diversity of the Asian Steppes" (2007, 2012). Famous scientists from Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, the United States, representing about 50 scientific organizations and institutions took part in it. The resolution of the conference was published in the Steppe Bulletin, Bulletin of the State Pedagogical University, and posted on the website of the KSPI,and was sent to participants and state bodies. Under the direction of Professor BraginaT.M. held a round table "Conservation and restoration of saiga populations" where the leading experts of the state nature protection authoritiesof the region and the Republic were invited.

emf konf1emf konf2

emf grantStudies continued within the framework of the grant agreement with the US Civilian Research Foundation and under the additional agreement since March 2011. Partner of the KGPI for the project is the University of West Virginia. Within the framework of the project, an agreement has been concluded on a grant program to support students doing graduate and master's work.

On the basis of the herbarium fund, which was created since 1965 by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Pugachev P.G., at present it is one of the largest funds in Northern Kazakhstan, also the Research Center for Biodiversity Studies has been established. Now the teachersPerezhogin Y.V., Borodulina O.V., Konysbaeva D.T., Baimaganbetova K.T. are working on obtaining the international mark of Herbarium KGPI, for inclusion in the World List of Herbariums. Based on the research materials, the scientific site "Herbarium KGPI" was created with a volume of 300 MW. The site is working on 3 projects: "Flora of Kostanai region (Northern Kazakhstan)", "Algoflora of Kostanai region (Northern Kazakhstan)", "Wild rare and endangered plants of Kostanay region"; An agreement has been concluded with the management of natural resources and environmental management of the Akimat of the Kostanay region. In February 2014, the herbarium fund was given an international acronym (KSPI) by the New York Botanical Garden.


Based on the results of paleontological studies which has been investigating the development of flora and fauna in the Museum of Natural history since 2011, which includes unique findings on the Turgai region. In this museum, students work on paleobotany, paleozoology, evolutionary teaching.

In addition, together with the Research Institute (Institute of Steppe, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of SciencesOrenburg city, with the Institute of Ecology of Plants and Animal Ecology UB RAS and the Botanical Garden (Ekaterinburg)). The contract with SI "Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control of Kostanay region". In based on the agreement an inventory of protected area Mendykara district of Kostanai region. As a result, the inventory is composed naturalistic study of new specially protected natural area "Pine forest fern in with. Kame SK-Ural ".

All the basic disciplines take place in equipped special laboratories. The base of the department has modern instruments, microscopes - "micromed" with large magnification, levels, theodolites, microscope complexes - interactive boards and a multimedia complex for conducting virtual laboratory works. Teachers of the department are working hard to create electronic textbooks.

Scientific relations

Research Center for Ecology and Biology and the Department concluded agreements on scientific cooperation: with the Biodiversity Conservation Association of Kazakhstan and the Naurzum SEE, with the Department of Zoology and Ichthyology of the Kazakh National University named Al-Farabi, with the Kazakhstan entomological society. The international scientific and pedagogical agreement is concluded with the Steppe Institute of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Orenburg).

Agreements on cooperation with the schools of the city Kostanay EMG (natural-mathematical gymnasium) No. 7; 17 and etc.

«Chemistry»specialty of the Department of Natural Sciences

Educational process

In accordance with the credit system of teaching,elective courses aredeveloped by lecturers. They were madeusing of new scientific data and they had practical value for the teacher of chemistry - computer chemistry, biochemistry, phytochemistry, food analysis, chemistry of acids and bases, etc. Selection of elective disciplines and ways of their realization in the educational process are based on the interrelation of educational, scientific and professional activities.

When studying the elective course, it is acquainted with its concepts and methods, while working in one of the problem groups - the acquisition of experience in conducting scientific research. The reports and publications of undergraduates and students represent a wide range of their scientific interests

  • Research of the chemical composition of medicinal plants in Kostanay region from different regions.
  • Conversion of chemical structure files using chemical programs for QSAR/QSPR studies
  • Using a semi-automatic titrator in a laboratory workshop on potentiometric titration

Then received skills are used by graduates in their professional activities for organize the scientific work of students.

Scientific research

Computer prediction of physic-chemical properties and biological activity of chemical compounds (Gubenko MA, Vazheva NV, Nurusheva AB)
Using of the methodology for the application of IR, mass spectra and other molecular descriptors for predicting a wide range of properties of chemical compounds. In studies, V. Vazhev`scomputer program PROGROC (PROGrammRObustness Calculation) is applied. Within thisframework, the research work with the RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology" was carried out, the doctoral thesis, master's dissertations, diploma theses are protected.

Chemico-ecological studies of the environment (Abdykalikova K.A., Zhumagalieva BM, Baikenov EA)
It is chemical air monitoring, research on the phytochemical evaluation of medicinal plants in the Kostanay region. Master's dissertations, diploma theses are protected.

The interaction of organic amides with inorganic acids has been studied for years at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of named after al-FarabiKazNU. Part of the topic - the interaction of trichloroacetamide with inorganic acids (Taurbaeva GU) - was studied at the Department of Natural Sciences of KSPI. The candidate's thesis is defended, diploma works are protected.

The research work of students is organized in problem groups

  • Computer chemistry
  • Applied Biochemistry
  • Chemical monitoring of atmospheric air
  • Phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants

himia14Кафедра химии

Undergraduates and students take part in the scientific work of the department.

Кафедра химииКафедра химии

The department has scientific connections with the named after Al-FarabiKazNU..

The department maintains creative links with universities of Kazakhstan and Russia, schools and educational institutions. Graduate students of the department pass an internship in the named after A. Herzen RPSU.

Кафедра химииКафедра химии

The experimental tours of city, regional and republican (2011) Olympiads in Chemistry among pupils of grades 8-11 based on the laboratories of the departmentare conducted

Кафедра химииКафедра химии

Educational work

Educational work is aimed at ensuring the integrity ofstudents` teaching and educatingprocess, creating a cultural and educational environment facilitating to the formation of a scientific worldview, spirituality and morality. Traditionally, at the faculty and the department, events are planned and held on the state holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Independence Day, Constitution Day. Annually in the curatorial hours there is a discussion of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev.

At the beginning of the school year, much attention is paid to the issue of the adaptation of first-year students, A solemn line and curatorial hours devoted to the Day of Knowledge and the traditional holiday is "Dedication to Students" are held for them.

The collective of the department takes an active part in sports and cultural events.

Specializedlecture halls

himia15There are well-equipped laboratories of inorganic, analytical, organic, physical and colloid chemistry, biochemistry, chemical technology, chemistry teaching methods, and specialized laboratories for scientific research of teachers, undergraduates, students at the Department of Natural Sciences.

The equipping of specialized laboratories with traditional and modern equipment, chemical glassware, chemical reagents and computers makes it possible to implement the bachelors` and masters` of chemistrythe educational programs.

The spectrophotometer, photoelectrocolorimeters, ionomers, laboratory electronic scales, computerized educational and laboratory complex (ELC) "Chemistry", multimedia complexes and other devices are available for educational process and scientific work of teaching staff and students. All places of the department are equipped with new modern furniture.

A chemistry cabinet for conducting classes on the methods of teaching chemistry and methods of conducting a school chemical experimentthat contains a full set of equipment, utensils, reagents, tables, DVDshas been purchased.

Characteristics of the specialty

Bachelor's degree in specialty 5B011200 - Chemistry is awarded the academic degree "Bachelor of Chemistry".

The field of activity of the bachelor of chemistry is chemical science, chemical industry and the field of chemical education.

  • educational
  • project
  • research
  • industrial and management
  • organizational and technological and other

Bachelor of Chemistry can hold the following positions:

  • chemistry teacher, director, deputy director for scientific, educational and methodological work, head of the creative workshop, etc.;
  • Senior laboratory assistant, specialist in research organizations of chemical and pedagogical profile, etc.

Graduates of the department work in general and innovative schools in Kostanay, Kostanay and other regions of Kazakhstan, in laboratories of SES, DIA, OAS "Agromashholding" and other organizations and firms.

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