Center of Distance Learning

Head of the center of distance learning

Радченко Петр Николаевич

Radchenko Petr

Master of informatics


Phone: 53-01-85

Center of distance learning of the Kostanay state pedagogical university offers educational services for having professional, postsecondary education (left college), the higher education ( obtaining the second specialty).

Preparation is carried out on 23 specialties of the education direction, in the state and Russian languages of training .

Training term: 3 years (after college), 2 years (the second highest). The main form of education is distance learning (except specialties "Physical Culture and Sport", "Fine Arts аnd Drawing", "Musical Education") using electronic and telecommunication means of communication (through the Internet).

For those who receive the first higher education the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for the allocation of state educational grants.. Arriving on the basis of professional, postsecondary education pass complex test on disciplines: history of Kazakhstan, Russian or Kazakh, mathematics, a profile subject (tasks at the level of the program of high educational school). On disciplines of testing training courses are conducted.


  • 5В010100 — Pre-School Teaching аnd Education
  • 5В010200 — Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education
  • 5В010300 — Pedagogy and Psychology
  • 5В010500 — Defectology
  • 5В050300 — Psychology
  • 5В010900 — Mathematics
  • 5В011000 — Physics
  • 5В011100 — Computer science
  • 5В012000 — Professional Training
  • 5В011200 — Chemistry
  • 5В011300 — Biology
  • 5В011600 — Geography
  • 5В011400 — History
  • 5В011500 — Basics of Law and Economy
  • 5В010600 — Musical Education
  • 5В010700 — Fine Arts аnd Drawing
  • 5В010800 — Physical Culture and Sport
  • 5В090200 — Tourism
  • 5В011700 — The Kazakh Language and Literature
  • 5В011800 — The Russian Language and Literature
  • 5В011900 — Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages
  • 5В012100 — The Kazakh Language and Literature at schools with not Kazakh Language of training
  • 5В012200 — The Russian Language and Literature for non Russian Learning School.

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110000, Kostanay, Tauelsizdik street, 118

  • Tel./fax: +7 (7142) 53-04-55

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