5B050300 – Psychology

Specialty code 5В050300
Name of specialty Psychology
Awarded the degree Bachelor of Social Studies (psychologist)
Education form Full-time education, part-time education
Training period Full time education: 4 years/ 3years/ 2 years
Part time education: 3 years/  2 years
Entrance examination 1 Profile subject: Biology
2 Profile subject: Geography

Profession psychologist

A psychologist is one of the most popular professions in the modern world.

Educational program "Psychology" is focused on the preparation of an active, creative-minded psychologist who owns humanitarian technologies in the design, forecasting, development of organizations, personnel selection, optimization of the team's social and psychological climate, advisory services and psychological and pedagogical assistance to individuals and the population. Conjugation of professional education with the development of humanitarian culture, the formation of a spiritually rich, intellectually equipped, socially responsible person.

Kinds and sphere of professional activity of graduates

Bachelors in specialty 5В050300 - Psychology can perform the following types of professional activities:

  • apply theoretical knowledge in practice;
  • Develop training programs;
  • Develop corrective programs;
  • carry out expert psychological activities, including procedures for assessment and diagnosis in the practice of professional selection, career guidance and attestation of personnel;
  • carry out psychological services at manufacturing enterprises and business organizations, build a constructive social and psychological climate in the workplace;
  • to identify and effectively use psychological reserves to increase labor productivity and harmonize interpersonal relations in the workplace;
  • competently and weighedly apply various methods of psychological counseling in individual and group versions;

Bachelor of Psychology can hold the following positions:

  • psychologist in secondary and higher educational institutions;
  • a psychologist in the centers of vocational guidance and vocational training of urban and republican employment centers;
  • a psychologist at the centers for studying public opinion and political technologies;
  • a psychologist at manufacturing enterprises (manager for work with personnel);
  • Psychologist in sports organizations;
  • a psychologist in medical organizations and medical and preventive institutions;
  • a psychologist in law enforcement organizations and penitentiary institutions, in rehabilitation centers and social adaptation of pedagogically neglected adolescents;
  • Junior researcher in research organizations.

Opportunities for continuing education

Graduates of the faculty, who showed a tendency to scientific activity, have the opportunity to continue their studies in the magistracy in the direction chosen by them.

The content of educational programs on the specialty 5В050300 – Psychology

The educational program "Psychology" provides the following educational trajectories:

"Psychology in Education", "Organizational and Management Psychology", "Psychology in Health Care".

The curriculum for the training of specialists provides for broad general educational, general pedagogical and special training.

General education is represented by the obligatory component: History of Kazakhstan, Philosophy, Kazakh language, Foreign language, Informatics, Ecology, etc.

General pedagogical and psychological training is carried out on the disciplines: Introduction to specialty, General psychology, Developmental psychology, Differential psychology, Introduction to social psychology, Introduction to personality psychology, etc.

Additional types of training: educational, pedagogical, industrial practice, physical culture.

In all specialties for the delivery of UNT / KTA within the framework of the Institute, preparatory courses are conducted, for information, contact the telephone of the selection committee.

The department pays much attention to the organization of research activities of students.

Students take an active part in the Republican competition of student scientific and practical works, student scientific and practical conferences, olympiads, contests, projects, start-ups.

Educational work with students is focused on the formation of citizenship, patriotism, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, overcoming the negative phenomena that exist in the youth environment, for this purpose the department annually holds a competition of student works on the theme "President's Day", "Independent Kazakhstan", as well as musical competition of military-patriotic songs.

The best students of the faculty have the opportunity to visit the library named after N. Nazarbayev in Astana and take part in the seminar.
Every year the department holds meetings with law enforcement agencies, employees of the center on problems of formation of healthy lifestyle, where students take an active part.

The head of the department is Ph.D., Likhodedova L.N.
Address: Kostanay, st. Тuуелсіздік 118, 625 room
Phone: 8 (7142) 54-83-44 (dean's office), 54-58-74 вн 225 (department)
Phones of the selection committee: 8 (7142) 54-28-49.

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