Science committee reports that the organization ISESCO (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) that is the structural unit of Organization of Islamic Collaboration (OIC) announced the opening of vacancies in the organization's headquarters, located in Rabat (Morocco). Name of vacancies, employment conditions and a list of the necessary requirements to candidates are included. In view of the above, we ask you to consider the proposals and in the period until February 15 this year submit to the Committee of Science ( and ) candidates for the positions presented by competition with the application summary in English

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Take part in the VIII International Olympiad in Information Technology «IT-Planet 2014/15”! We invite all students of our school to test their IT knowledge and skills in the VIII International Olympiad “IT-Planet 2014/15.” The practical orientation of the contest will allow participants to better understand the needs of employers, to meet with representatives of the largest ICT companies and take the first steps towards your successful career. Organizers of the contest and partners of the competition by companies such as 1C, Cisco, D-Link, Google, Huawei, Intel, InterSystems, Oracle, SAP, GNU/Linukstsentr and SKB Kontur.

In Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute in the department of natural sciences, natural sciences and mathematics faculty held VII National Olympiad students majoring 5B011200 - Chemistry, higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute with the support of French Alliance of Kazakhstan and German service of academic exchange is holding the second International Scientific Practical Conference: "Cross-cultural and Poly-lingual Education in the Modern World" on October 24th, 2013.

In memory of G.G. Sheka - a prominent figure in the education system of Kazakhstan. Objectives of the conference: to familiarize with the modern concepts of environmental education and practice in their application to the activities of educational institutions; Assessment sredoobrazovatelnoy practice in the modern school; organization of exchange of ideas between representatives of various schools and trends. The form of participation in the conference: correspondence, with the publication of the collection of materials (assigning International Standard Book Number (ISBN)). Publication of Proceedings of the conference and authors will be mailing in June 2012. More in detail

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