Cross-cultural and Poly-lingual Education in the Modern World

Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute with the support of French Alliance of Kazakhstan and German service of academic exchange is holding the second International Scientific Practical Conference: "Cross-cultural and Poly-lingual Education in the Modern World" on October 24th, 2013.

Objectives of the conference:
- constructive discussion of the present day realities and foreign languages education prospects;
- establishment of scientific and business contacts; creation of joint projects in the field of foreign languages education.

The following sections are planned:

1. Actual aspects of education and patriotic upbringing in the poly-cultural society.
2. Forming a poly-cultural person on the three-language basis.
3. Early native and foreign language education: problems and prospects.
4. Intercultural aspects of foreign languages education.
5. Culture and history of the country as the object of study in foreign languages education.
6. Vital problems of learning and teaching of the humanitarian and social subjects in the poly-cultural and multi-lingual society.
7. The role and place of tourism in formation of polyculturalizm and multi-lingualizm.

Specialists of education sphere, culture and tourism, researchers, postgraduate students, undergraduates, students are invited for participation in the conference.

Conference languages are: Kazakh, Russian, English, French, German, Turkish. The publication of essays is planned for the beginning of the conference. Deadline for applications is September 20, 2013

Requirements to the articles:
1. Texts of reports should be typed in the editor MICROSOFT WORD 7,0, format RTF
2. Intents: top, bottom, right (outside)- 1,5 sm, left (inside) – 2 sm
3. Font size 12 pt, leveling is on the width
5. Line interval: 1(ordinary)
6. The article should be arranged in the following way:

At the top the title of the report in capital bold letters in the centre; below the title, after the opening in a single line spacing write a surname, first name, patronymic name of the author; on the next line write the title of the institution, town/city, country; below in double line spacing- the text of the report. Pictures and tables are allowed. Black and white pictures are accepted. The size of the text in pictures should not be smaller than 12 pt. Pictures must be grouped. A list of resources is placed at the end of the text according to the order they are mentioned the article. References in the text are drawn up in oblique slashes/1; 345/. The report should be no more than 7 pages.
Only word-processed texts will be admitted for publication. Responsibility for mistakes and inaccuracy lies on authors.

In order to participate in the conference you should present your article and application by the 1st of December 2012 according to the following format:
1. Surname, first name, ( where applicable – patronymic) in full.
2. The title of the organization or higher educational institution
3. Work address, phone, e-mail
4. The title of the section
5. The title of the report/article
6. Indicate whether you want organizers to book a room in a hotel
7. A copy of the receipt confirming payment of organizational fee.
8. Academic degree.
9. Required technical equipment
10. I intend:
10.1 To present a report at plenary meeting (yes, no)
10.2 To present a report at section meeting (yes, no)
10.3 To participate at the conference as a listener (yes, no)

Organizational fee is 20 US dollars. Expenditures connected with the conference participation are covered by the participants.
Publication of articles of foreign participants are free of charge. Foreign participants will receive free PDF of the proceedings.

110000 Kostanay, Taran street 118, Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute, The Faculty of Foreign Languages, room 317 Mahhabat Alimgazievna Bekkalieva, phone number 8(7142) 54-59-64 (The Dean's Office), fax 8(7142) 53-18-52, e-mail:

Key dates:
20 September 2013 – deadline for applications
24 October 2013 – opening of the conference

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