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Zhakanova Zauresh

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  • Phone: 8 (7142) 54-76-77, 54-58-74 (ext 107)
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Registrar’s Office is an academic service engaged in the registration of the entire history of students' achievements in their studies and providing organization of all types of knowledge control and reporting of the academic rating. For the organization of educational process of University on credit system of training and quality control of knowledge of students carries out operational management of process of registration, formation and storage of academic records


  • Preparation of orders on the staff of students;
  • Movement of the contingent of students;
  • Statistics and statistical reporting;
  • Keeping records of academic performance of students;
  • Implementation of the calculation of the academic rating of the student;
  • Keeping records of credits/ hours of study in academic disciplines;
  • Preparation of the statements necessary to conduct the current, mid-term and final certifications;
  • Maintenance and issuance of the current transcript and diploma Supplement (transcript), calculation of passing score GPA;
  • Organization and conducting of students' registration for elective subjects;
  • Participation in the organization and holding of an additional semester;
  • Control over the maintenance of the electronic journal.
Abdrakhmanova Gauhar ext 253
5B011700 Kazakh Language and Literature
5B012100 The kazakh language and the literature at schools with not kazakh language of training
5B010200 Pedagogic and methods of primary education
Atazhanova Mansiya ext 114
5B010600 Musical education
5B010700 Fine arts and drawing
5B011000 Physics
5B011400 History
5B011500 Basics of law and economy
5B012000 Professional training
Esmentayeva Lyazat ext 114
5B010100 Pre-school teaching and education
5B011900 Foreign language: two Foreign Languages
Menzelintseva Nadezhda ext 144
5B010300 Pedagogy and Psychology
5B010500 Defectology
5B011800 The Russian language and literature
5B012200 The Russian language and literature for non Russian learning school
5B050300 Psychology
Haseken Dina ext 144
5B010800 Physical culture and sport
5B011200 Chemistry
5B090200 Tourism
Chereeva Nurzilya ext 114
5В010900 Mathematics
5B011100 Computer science
5B011300 Biology
5B011600 Geography
Sarshenova Nurgul ext 107
Methodist on staff of students
Muratova Aynur ext 107
Methodist on staff of students
Ergaziyeva Bopelek ext 107

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  • Tel./fax: +7 (7142) 51-11-57

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