Department of Documentation Support

The head

Ордабекова Жанна Узакбаевна

Ordabekova Zhanna

  • Phone: 8 (7142) 54-58-74 (ext. 163)
  • Office: 140

In order to organize the documentation and management of the institute's documentation, the Department of DocumentationSupport was established in the course of the implementation of the main tasks and functions.The main task of the department is to ensure a common procedure of documentation at the institute. Department for document support provides training in the fields of main and administrative and economic activities of the Institute, registration, processing, dispatching and monitoring of the Institute's documents movement. The case executions is a case preparing for storage. The department for documentation support includes the head of the department, specialist, translator, clerk, archivist, courier and referents.

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110000, Kostanay, Tauelsizdik street, 118

  • Tel./fax: +7 (7142) 51-11-57

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