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Искандиров Владислав Бекмуратович

Iskandirov Vladislav Bekmuratovich

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The Department of additional education of KSPU namedU. Sultangazina organizes and conducts the work of the preparatory Department, refresher courses, language courses.

Programs courses teaching staff of the universities based on modern achievements of fundamental and psycho-pedagogical Sciences, world and domestic experience, new educational concepts, systems, technologies, methods and means of teaching. In addition, training courses for teachers of educational organizations of the region have been developed.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on education" in Kostanay state pedagogical University named after Umirzak Sultangazin created conditions for obtaining additional knowledge and skills in accordance with the ongoing socio-economic changes in society.

The educational process involves leading scientists and specialists with extensive scientific, pedagogical and practical experience, who have completed courses in leading educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Training programs of advanced training courses are developed taking into account new technologies, methods and means of training, innovations occurring in science, education, production, as well as the needs of the labor market, a competent approach to the results of training, the requirements of professional standards of qualifications and thus practice-oriented.

The main activity of the Department is the development and implementation of the policy of professional development and continuous additional education, providing for the unification and coordination of the faculties and services of the University to expand the network, and improve the quality of additional educational services for stakeholders.

The goal is to help students build an individual educational and career trajectory, to reveal potential opportunities, internal resources of growth.

Our advanced training courses allow you to conveniently, quickly and inexpensively get, deepen your knowledge on a certain aspect of the activity on the job, in parallel with basic education, develop communication skills, skills of constructive interaction in the team. Only with modern knowledge and skills in several areas of professional activity, You are able to become the first in work and science.

Classes are taught by teachers who are interested in finding active and purposeful employees. Very often, this allows students to start their career today and / or establish themselves positively in the professional environment.

Department of additional education of Kostanay state pedagogical University named after Umirzak Sultangazin carries out:

  1. Training courses for teaching staff and teaching staff, organization of education.
  2. Language course.
  3. Short-term training courses for teachers;
  4. Professional development programs on-the-job and on-the-job with the volume from 72 to 144 hours, including specialized training programs on the content of disciplines developed within the framework of modern training technologies, language training programs, participation in thematic seminars;
  5. The work of the preparatory Department for foreigners wishing to enter the Universities of Kazakhstan is also carried out. Training period-9 months. (October to June).

From 2019-2020 academic year in Kostanay state pedagogical University named after Umirzak Sultangazin there is a preparatory Department. Which implements the program in accordance with the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 554 dated December 30, 2011 "on approval of the rules of organization of activities of preparatory departments of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

The classic version of training at the preparatory Department is a nine-month educational program, which includes an intensive course of Kazakh, Russian language and the study of several thematic disciplines necessary for an applicant to enter the Universities of Kazakhstan. In addition, various events are held to help applicants get acquainted with the culture and customs of Kazakhstan, as well as to adapt to life in a new country.  

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